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Rebecca P. Murray

I’ve long said that if I’d been born earlier, I’d have been a perfect cast member for the Lawrence Welk Show: A variety show that aired from 1951 – 1982. I used to watch it while visiting my grandparents. “How lucky those people are to dress us every day in different costumes to sing, dance, and act.” They had my dream job.

Growing up, I was sure I’d end up in show biz. And my dad knew it too. Once he took me to an audition of sorts for a TV show. I can recall sitting in a room and reading some lines. I didn’t stand a chance, but it felt good to have my dad on my side. My mom was far too busy rearing my three siblings (four of us were born in five years) to pay much attention to my star-filled dreams.

I always thought it ironic that the most significant trauma of my life happened on the heels of enjoying someone who made me laugh out loud every week: Carol Burnett. Forever will comedy and tragedy be intertwined in my brain. Read More

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