Meet a few of Rebecca’s cast of characters!

Born to perform for you!

When you need a keynoter to deliver the spectacular and make it easy on you.

Born to perform for you!

When you need a keynoter to deliver the spectacular and make it easy on you.

Meet a few of Rebecca’s cast of characters.

Keynotes that hit the high notes (literally)

Delivering high-content fused with star-power edutainment.

If it’s your job to bring a novel experience to your next conference, corporate function, or association event, you just found the gal who can make it happen. Once engaged as your emcee or keynoter, you’ll find Rebecca incredibly easy and fun to work with. Get ready for an out-of-the-box, never-before-seen, one-of-a-kind experience. She’ll deliver a powerful message sprinkled with music and comedy crafted specifically for your audience. 

Rebecca has partnered with a diverse set of clients to deliver the goods as an emcee or keynoter including Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance, Women in Manufacturing, Skagit Island Builders and Contractors, and Women in the Metal Industries.

Hiring Rebecca is like buying a box of chocolates (said in the voice of Forest Gump). You never know exactly what you’re gonna get, but you know it’ll be amazing! After all, we’re talking about chocolate! 

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Rebecca’s one-woman show, The Confidence Equation™.

Selections are customized to your event

Dog Training Tips for Successful Human Leaders

Dog Training Tips for Successful Human Leaders
Tips to Stay Calm, Cool, Collected, and Respected

Humans and canines alike can sniff out and size up a good leader in seconds. Would you pass the canine leadership sniff test? Find out this and more including how to: 

  • Determine if your leadership is up to snuff from a dog’s point of view.
  • Provide feedback that elicits trust, respect, and admiration.
  • Avoid shaming behaviors that scare dogs and shut down humans.
  • Train using methods that inspire the desire to achieve results. 
  • Develop a calm leadership presence that cultivates loyalty.

Just like great dog trainers, human leaders who are respected inspire loyalty, creativity, risk-taking, and physiological safety: All factors critical to organizational success. This session digs deep into five principles used by successful dog trainers and applies them to the workplace.

What’s in your Dream Closet?
A curated blend of story, song, and audience reflection to achieve dreams and goals

Inspired by an unwelcome diagnosis on the heels of achieving a 20-year dream, What’s in Your Dream Closet? invites the audience to take inventory of which dreams and goals still fit, which do not, and determine whether it’s time to go Dream Shopping. 

Audience participation, prizes, and a visit from a villainous character combine into a powerful and unforgettable audience experience. The presentation is infused with songs from Disney and Mister Rogers plus inspiring stories from history. A 5 x 8 Dream Closet Conversion Card serves as both worksheet and session momento. 

Attendees are inspired to:

  • Reflect upon, share, and celebrate achievements.
  • Visualize new dreams and convert them to goals.
  • Discard old dreams that no longer serve to inspire.
  • Embrace a 5-step dream-conversion process.

The Confidence Equation™ One Woman Show
A simple formula to unlock and unleash your confidence

The Confidence Equation™ takes its audience on a unique journey that begins with Maria’s story in The Sound of Music and ends with a standing ovation to your own dreams come true. This wildly hilarious and emotional one-woman show has inspired people of all ages and backgrounds to take stock of their lives, their dreams, and their passions.

Meet five characters (plus Rebecca makes six) sure to inspire you to reflect on your own life, the path you’ve taken, and the one you’ve yet to take. Mrs. KIA, a British know-it-all, explains the equation. Brenda Sue has learned to stop apologizing for every little ‘thang.’ Shame is someone, we love to hate. Add in a brief visit from the Reverend Mother; and, of course, Maria. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud and singing along as the characters inspire you to take bold steps forward and stand firm in the center stage of your own life. 

Attendees are inspired to:

  • Utilize a formula to convert doubt into red carpet bold brilliance.
  • Discover how to make courage their ‘go-to’ habit.
  • Stop over-analyzing the past and what they think they did ‘wrong.’
  • Start trusting their authentic amazing selves.
  • Adopt a simple formula to summon confidence on demand.

Confidence Equation™ wallet card included.

Learn more about The Confidence Equation here.

Absolutely Riveting!
Top-notch energy!
You are the most tech-savvy speaker I’ve seen.
Rebecca and the work she is doing uplifts us all so we can soar through life!
She captivated the audience. We will all remember her message for years to come!

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Check out Rebecca's one-woman show!

The Confidence Equation™
Rebecca Murray Edutainer

“If Rebecca were a cast member on Saturday Night Live, she’d be a household name by now!”

Lee AmatangeloInternational Edutainer and Speaking Coach