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Rebecca Murray Master Your Virtual Image

Virtual Image Master Rebecca Murray will give you a proven 5-point image and audio checklist to ensure you shine online. This is a lively session mixed with easy-to-follow tips so you can perfect and project with purpose, poise and professionalism! 

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Murray started her image consulting and production company, Skagit Media Marketing, Inc. in 2013. Since then, she’s worked with clients across the country on a wide variety of digital marketing and production projects. Her biggest thrill still comes from helping clients perfect and project an image that truly reflects how they see themselves, their brand, and their organization. 

I would have paid $100 for your 60-minute webinar, it was THAT good!

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More about the webinar

  • Have you ever jumped on a Zoom call and seen something you wished you hadn’t?
  • Has the thought ‘Do you really live like that?‘ ever gone through your mind when you see their background?
  • Do you sound like you’re speaking in an echo chamber?

Making a great virtual impression with your image and voice is essential for you and your brand! Learn tips you will USE immediately in our Virtual Image Mastery webinars. Contact Rebecca to schedule a customized class. May also download the course description by clicking here.

About the author

Rebecca's passion comes from helping others craft and deliver their very best authentic, powerful message. She is known for making learning fun and helping her clients achieve their goals in speaking and communicating. As a speaker herself, she is known for 'bringing it all' to her audience through humor, song, and sometimes a little dance. The stage is her playground. She'll go to almost any length to make learning fun and memorable.