How to Master Your Virtual Image in Seven Strategic Steps

I love this 2018 Forbes article about first impressions.  It references the ‘7-second rule’ explaining that it takes the average person seven seconds to form an impression when meeting someone new. Others argue that we can form an ‘impression’ in less than one second. I say the truth lies somewhere in-between.

Rebecca Murray In studioSince March of 2020, many learned the value of improving their virtual image to make a good impression online. They also learned the path to image mastery is long and steep. But those who took the time and made the investment in both tech and technique leveraged their ability to create an instantaneous positive virtual impression.

As Covid-19 forced us to mingle online, I instantly recognized that I had a lot to offer people who wanted to learn how to improve their virtual image. My consulting business expanded as I began to teach entrepreneurs, small groups, and large audiences how to improve their framing, lighting, audio, and camera quality. My entertainment background allowed me to infuse fun into online learning and became the next level of training I offered called The Rules of Virtual Engagement. The transformations I’ve witnessed in how people show up and engage their own audiences after putting their knowledge into practice have been inspiring and intensely satisfying.

As humans, first impressions will always matter. That’s why I’m pleased to offer you this 7-Point Master Your Virtual Image Tipsheet

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7-Point MYVI Tip Sheet

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