The Speak and Shine Academy

A six-week course focused on presentation, engagement and facilitation power-skills that makes organizational change possible.

Presentation Building Blocks

Learn how to determine what your audience needs to see and hear to lean into your message.

Use a Crystal Clear Structure

Edit for excellence to get to the point. Crafting a clear, concise message is the first step to audience buy-in. 

Engagement Principles that Sell

Build trust and likability by crafting an audience engagement plan. You’ll keep them with you from start to finish. 

Think on Your Feet and Shine

Adopt the presenter superpower of flexibility so that you can adapt to the unexpected without blinking an eye. 

No More Boring Visuals

Pull your audience in with stunning, relevant visuals that support and enhance your message. Give your audience a visual voyage.

Master the Art of Storytelling

Learn how to use short, relevant stories to make your message sticky and share-worthy.