Watch One of Rebecca's Popular Courses:

How to Build a Better Presenation.

For presenters who desire tips, tools, and techniques to leverage their influence on-stage, onscreen, and in-person.

Watch One of Rebecca's Popular Courses:

How to Build a Better Presenation.

For presenters who desire tips, tools, and techniques to leverage their influence onstage, onscreen, and in-person..

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Group Training: Triple-E Presenter Full Course

A 6-Module Course to Become Effective, Engaging, & Entertaining

Triple-E Presenters leverage their influence as team leaders and increase their confidence as communicators. These invaluable skills enable you to shine in sales, interviews, and meetings whether in-person, online, or onstage. The Triple-E Presenter course, now offered through Western Washington University, establishes a firm foundation for further growth and development in communication and leadership skills.

This course is for you when you desire to:

  • Feel more confident presenting in meetings, onstage, or on camera.
  • Look forward to crafting, rehearsing, and delivering presentations.
  • Act on opportunities to shine in sales, interviews, and meetings.

Use these skills to:

  • Showcase your ability to engage from any stage with poise and professionalism.
  • Increase your presentation confidence and audience connection.
  • Craft presentations to motivate actionable outcomes.

Rebecca has partnered with a diverse set of clients to deliver presentation training including Western Washington University, various Washington State agencies, Builders and Contractors Association, Women in Manufacturing, WeIgnite Women’s Empowerment Conference, and Chambers of Commerce.

The Triple-E course is customized to your individual, team, and organization’s needs. The curriculum focuses on the essential elements of audience engagement. 

Triple-E Presenter Single Module Offerings

Targeted one-hour sessions boosting presentation skills
What'd She Say? Speak with Crystal Clarity

Engage from any Stage
Engagement principles for stage & screen success

What does it take to become an engaging presenter? How can you ensure your audience is leaning in when you’re talking to the camera? Can you know your audience is connected even when they look at their phones instead of you?

Engage From Any Stage explores these topics and more in this high energy session. Rebecca demonstrates strategies and techniques as you learn and apply tried and true tactics.

Skill-building includes:

  • Crafting an engagement plan for your next presentation.
  • Infusing creativity to keep your audience leaning in to learn more.
  • Delivering an audio/visual experience your virtual audience will remember.
  • Mastering five ‘tech-niques’ guaranteed to turn up your audience’s fun factor.
  • Increasing the dynamic range of your presentations from start to finish.

What’d She Say? Speak with Crystal Clarity
Be heard, be understood, and keep your audience’s attention

An effective speaker is one who is clear. Crystal clear. Achieving clarity is one of the toughest challenges speakers face. Without clarity, we separate ourselves from our audience and waste everyone’s time… including our own. Learn and apply the C.L.E.A.R.™ method to ensure your presentations connect from start to finish. This workshop promises to be informative, interactive, entertaining, and – of course – crystal clear!

Learn to:

  • Use the C.L.E.A.R.method to invite connection. 
  • Captivate your audience before you say a word.
  • Transform nervousness into energy your audience appreciates.
  • Master your voice quality and projection tools to ensure you are heard.
  • Zero in on clarity-degrading factors that have nothing to do with your oral presentation.

C.L.E.A.R.: Center, Listen, Engage, Allow, Repeatable

The Art & Craft of A+ Stories
Craft & Tell Stories that Connect & Inspire

Great stories are the building blocks to better presentations. However,  the ability to craft short, clear, on-point stories is a power-skill that takes time to develop and hone. In this session, participants learn a simple 5-step method for crafting a compelling story, and gain an understanding of how to infuse better stories into their presentations to increase engagement. Finally, they practice delivering a short story with impact.

Storytellers will:

  • Uncover powerful stories to bolster presentations.
  • Gain an understanding of simple yet effective story structure.
  • Craft an inspiring personal story to share with others.
  • Practice an opening and closing technique to increase impact and retention.

Visual Aids that Tell & Sell
Craft presentations for inclusion, clarity, and accessibility

Many presenters are direly dependent on PowerPoint slides. It’s as if, without their slides, they lose their memory, voice, and confidence. Realize this: the human brain can’t focus on you and your slides simultaneously. When your slides are filled with words or charts, are challenging to read, don’t make sense, or are just plain ugly, you risk alienating your audience and damaging your reputation as a presenter. 

How can you use visual aids to enhance your message? Is it possible to infuse old-fashioned show-and-tell visuals to mix it up? In this session, we explore all this and more, including ensuring our choices are engaging and accessible for all.

Learn about compelling visual aids, including how to:

  • Think like an artist to create visuals that enhance.
  • Utilize a 5-step accessibility checklist to reach a wider audience.
  • Embrace the idea of replacing slides with creative props.

Develop Your Powerful Voice
Tips to enhance your voice and stage presence

Have you ever felt like you were going to be sick before speaking in front of others? You’re not alone. Most humans experience this familiar feeling before and during a presentation. But what if you could harness that nervous energy to your advantage? What if you could learn an easy-peasy process that would redirect your energy to your audience and allow you to engage in a powerful way, starting with your very first word? 

Session attendees learn the behind-the-scenes stage techniques used by professional speakers and Hollywood actors to present with a powerful voice and confident presence. 

Takeaways include:

    • Vocal techniques that increase confidence.
    • Exercises to articulate messages with clarity.
    • Tips to bolster voice quality and the ability to project with power.
    • Techniques for core engagement to harness and channel nervous energy.
    • Approaches to vary pace and pitch to hold audience attention.

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