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Virtual Workshops to Build Your Business, Team and Audience Connection

Master the Art of Delivering Powerful Presentations




5 Rules of Virtual Engagement
Master Your Virtual Image
Present with Crystal Clarity
Confidence in ME!
ZoomProvisation Team Up

“Master the Five Rules of Virtual Engagement”
Tips and Tricks to Drive Connection, Conversation, and Community

What does it take to be a memorable, mentionable virtual presenter?
How can we ensure our audience is engaging with us even though we’re talking to a camera?
How can we know our audience is having fun even when we can’t see their smiles or hear their laughter?

In this engaging session, you will learn how to:

  1. Assess and enhance your virtual presentation space   
  2. Create an engagement plan for each presentation
  3. Infuse engagement principals to keep your audience listening, leaning in and learning
  4. Learn software, hardware and web solutions available to increase variety
  5. Master 10 ‘tech-niques’ guaranteed to turn up your audience’s fun factor
  6. Increase the dynamic range of your virtual connections from start to finish

Includes attendee workbook

“Master Your Virtual Image to Shine Online”
5 Virtual Image Tips for Superstar Communicators

How can you take your image from GOOD to GREAT in our virtual world?
Is it possible for your VOICE to be heard amidst the digital noise?
What can you do to help your INNER STAR shine online?

Whether you’re conducting, attending, or participating in online meetings, this information will increase your confidence, credibility, and connection in every virtual scenario. In her humorous, zany style, Rebecca delivers a tech-packed engaging session featuring her proven 5-point image: Framing; Lighting; Camera; Audio; and Testing. 

Audience members will learn how to use and apply:

  • Framing and staging techniques that get noticed
  • Lighting strategies that flatter your face
  • Microphone choices that support your voice and presentation style
  • Webcam processing limitations and how to help it do its best
  • Pointers on protecting your image when the unexpected happens

Includes attendee workbook and recommended product sheet

“Let’s Be Clear: How to Present and Connect with Crystal Clarity”
Be heard, understood, and keep your audience’s attention

An effective speaker is one who is CLEAR. Crystal clear. Yet, achieving clarity it is one of the biggest challenges any speaker faces. Without clarity, we separate ourselves from our audience and waste everyone’s time…Including our own. This workshop promises to be interactive, entertaining, and of course, crystal clear!

Takeaways include:

  • Learning the C.L.E.A.R. method to invite communication that connects your audience to YOU whether you are speaking on a stage, in a boardroom, or in your own living room
  • Identifying signs that your presentation is unclear and what to do about it
  • Mitigating nervousness that can throw our presentation off balance and confuse our audience
  • Mastering your voice and projection tools (microphones) to ensure your voice is crystal clear 
  • Zeroing-in on factors that degrade clarity that have nothing to do with your oral presentation

Includes attendee workbook

Learn the three keys to build your confidence so that it becomes your ‘go-to’ habit

Whether you’re on a stage or presenting from your office, projecting with the right amount of confidence puts your audience at ease.  Knowing this, how do we project with confidence when we feel fear and doubt? How do we unstick ourselves from insecurities that have plagued us since childhood? Once we learn the keys to confidence, we can shake off doubt and step forward to a new reality.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Identify mental blocks that keep you stuck in self-doubt
  • Utilize self-talk to draw-in courage on the fly
  • Stop over-analyzing the past and what you think you did ‘wrong’
  • Stop mind-reading your audience and trusting the authentic amazing you
  • Use humor to keep yourself in the confidence zone

Audience Workbook Included

“ZoomProvisation to Build Your Team”
Increase Productivity, Creativity and Connection

Looking for something different for your team building outing this year?
Why not give your audience the gift that keeps on giving? ZoomProvisation!

Participants have an opportunity to showcase skills and receive real-time coaching in the main session between breakouts. The benefits of ZoomProvisation are long-lasting. Takeaways can be applied immediately in one’s personal and professional life. This workshop is customizable to sales and prospecting, recruitment and retention, or team-building objectives.

Audience members will learn how to:

  • Improve listening, communication, and creativity-building skills
  • Silence their inner critic and maintain openness to new ideas
  • Become more mindful of others to increase understanding, empathy, and trust
  • Engage in creative collaboration while celebrating differences
  • Build confidence and a sense of community

Warning: The session is highly interactive and filled with a plethora of highly hilarious moments.

Audience workbook included

I would have paid $100 for your 60-minute webinar, it was THAT good!

Linda VorthmanDigital Events Specialist

My reputation and image are important for my job. I’m very thankful for your seminar. I’ve already implemented your advice! 

Aleli Manalili, Portfolio ManagerSeattle Genetics

Your webinar is a great tool for the common person to learn about how simple it is to improve your virtual image! Thank You!

Veronica Munro, OwnerMunro's Driving School

About Rebecca Murray

Rebecca P. Murray is a certified virtual presenter who assists clients across the country on a vast array of digital marketing and production projects that have educated, enlightened and entertained in-person and virtual audiences alike. 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown when online meetings became essential for all, Rebecca has moved all her workshop to an online format and strives for the highest degree of engagement possible.

In her consulting practice, she helps clients customize and design/build their media production and virtual studios. Rebecca also trains clients how to use their production equipment and software. Zoomcasts, podcasts, live steaming or pre-recorded media is her specialty. Her biggest thrill comes from teaching clients how to protect, perfect and project an image that truly reflects how they see themselves, their brand, and their organization. 

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