Keep Your Audience Leaning-in, Listening & Learning!

Learn how to shine in-person, on-stage, or on-screen with confidence. And have fun doing it! Rebecca’s workshops and keynotes hit the high notes (literally) with a message that sticks!

High Content Workshops and Keynotes to Build Team Confidence, Communication, and Capabilities.

Unforgettable. Guaranteed.
Present with Crystal Clarity
Engagement Techniques for Stage or Screen Success
Master Your Virtual Image
Embrace Your Virtual Space
The Confidence Equation™
Improv Games for Teams
Drive Your Team at the Speed of Trust
Easy Peasy tips to leverage your LinkedIn profile like a digital dynamo

Present with Crystal Clarity”

Be heard, understood, and keep your audience’s attention.

An effective speaker is one who is CLEAR. Crystal clear. Yet, achieving clarity is one of the biggest challenges speakers faces. Without clarity, we separate ourselves from our audience and waste everyone’s time…Including our own. This workshop promises to be interactive, entertaining, and of course, crystal clear!

Takeaways include:

  • Learn the C.L.E.A.R. method to invite communication that connects your audience to YOU whether you are speaking on a stage, in a boardroom, or in your own living room
  • Identify signs that your presentation is unclear and what to do about it
  • Mitigate nervousness that can throw you off balance and confuse your audience
  • Master your voice quality and projection tools (microphones) to ensure you are heard!
  • Zero-in on factors that degrade clarity that have nothing to do with your oral presentation (such as super-wordy slides!)

Engagement Techniques for Stage or Screen Success

Keep your audience listening, leaning in, and learning

Whether you are presenting from your office or a stage, having an engagement plan is a MUST if you want to be heard! You’ll breathe of sigh of relief when you learn that technique (versus tech) rules that day to win over any audience. Winning presentation techniques are skills that you can learn! Skills that are necessary today more than ever. 

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Adopt an engagement mindset to keep your presentation moving forward
  • Utilize old-fashioned techniques to keep your audience on their toes!
  • Leverage high-tech methods that keep them guessing ‘what’s next?’
  • Infuse humor and surprise to keep them wanting more
  • Introduce props to increase the fun factor for everyone.

Available in 20-30-45 minute virtual formats
Handouts: 5-Step Engagement Plan Tip Sheet

Master Your Virtual Image to Shine Online

Virtual image tips for superstar communicators

How can you take your image from GOOD to GREAT in our virtual world?
Is it possible for your VOICE to be heard amidst the digital noise?
What can you do to help your INNER STAR shine online?

Whether you’re conducting, attending, or participating in online meetings, this information will increase your confidence, credibility, and connection in every virtual scenario. In her humorous, zany style, Rebecca delivers a tech-packed engaging session featuring her proven 5-point image: Framing; Lighting; Camera; Audio; and Testing.

Audience members will learn how to use and apply:

  • Framing and staging techniques that get noticed
  • Lighting strategies that flatter your face
  • Microphone choices that support your voice and presentation style
  • Webcam processing limitations and how to help it do its best
  • Pointers on protecting your image when the unexpected happens

Includes attendee worksheet and recommended product sheet

Embrace Your Virtual Space for Fun and Profit

Keep your audience listening, leaning in, and wanting more!

What does it take to be a memorable, mentionable virtual presenter?
How can we ensure our audience is engaging with us even though we’re talking to a camera?
How can we know our audience is having fun even when we can’t see their smiles or hear their laughter?

In this engaging session, you will learn how to:

  • Assess and enhance your virtual presentation space   
  • Create an engagement plan for each presentation
  • Infuse engagement principals to keep your audience listening, leaning in and learning
  • Learn software, hardware and web solutions available to increase variety
  • Master 5 ‘TECH-niques’ guaranteed to turn up your audience’s fun factor
  • Increase the dynamic range of your virtual connections from start to finish

Includes attendee workbook

The Confidence Equation™

A simple formula to unlock and ignite your team’s creative genius

What can learn from one of the most beloved musicals of all time?
How do we embrace our self-doubt to discover our greatest magic?
Is it possible to use fear and doubt as catalysts to help us achieve our wildest dreams? Whether you’re on a stage or presenting from your office, projecting with the right amount of confidence puts your audience at ease.  Once we learn the keys to confidence, we can shake off doubt and step forward to a new reality.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Utilize a formula to convert doubt into red carpet bold brilliance
  • Discover how to make courage your ‘go-to’ habit
  • Stop over-analyzing the past and what you think you did ‘wrong’
  • Start trusting the authentic amazing you
  • Use humor to keep yourself in the confidence zone

Confidence Equation™ wallet card included

Improv Games for Teams

Confidence, Creativity, and Team Building

Improv Games for Teams allows your organization to create an unforgettable experience to maximize your team’s creative collaboration and innovative risk-taking skills. Each customized workshop progresses at a comfortable, yet highly engaging pace.

  • Develop the habit of ‘Yes. And…’ to foster listening skills and creative collaboration
  • Reinforce innovative risk-taking to open doors to uncharted territory
  • Build trust between team members while increasing confidence among individuals

Drive Your Team at the Speed of Trust

Team Building Concepts and Skills Delivered in a Gameshow!
(with prizes and loads of fun)

Formerly called ‘Teamwork can make a Dream Work’ inspired by the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, this game show is highly engaging, possibly addictive! The content is focused on facts that companies who foster a high degree of trust within and throughout all layers of the organizational chart are more creative, more productive and experience less turnover. The Game Show dynamic infuses a little friendly competition that proves to be the spark to get the excitement off and driving at top speed from start to finish.

Skills you can apply immediately:

  • Reinforce how trust drives organizational outcomes
  • Increase your team’s trust quotient to leverage creative risk-taking and collaboration
  • Reduce turnover by igniting your team’s commitment to your mission and vision

Easy Peasy tips to leverage your LinkedIn profile like a digital dynamo

When someone looks you up on Linkedin, what do they see? A profile photo that flatters you? A branded background that tells people what value you bring? Recommendations from your best clients? If not, this workshop is for you! In two hours you will learn the Top 10 things you can do right now to get your profile leveraged for connectivity! And it’s easier than you think.

You’ll learn How to: 

  • Design an attractive background graphic that showcases your brand & business
  • Choose a profile photo that flatters your image
  • Write an intro section that draws in prospective customers
  • Select smart marketing pieces for your featured section
  • Ask for recommendations that spotlight your skills
  • And much more!

Rebecca was so amazing! She had great, practical advice, and was so engaging and entertaining. I loved every minute of it!

Agnieszka Samsel, PresidentSkagit Island Human Resources Management Association
Rebecca P Murray

Master the Art of Audience Engagement

Audience members are asked to identify virtual and live stage engagement techniques then challenged to put them to use in upcoming presentations. 

Once again, Rebecca proved that she is one of the top consultants in the country to improve your stage persona. She employed every technique that she was advocating in her presentation.

Workshop Attendee

Excerpt from Craft Your Stand UP Engagement Plan which demonstrates audience engagement techniques and principles.

Great Presentations Start with Confidence in YOU!

Unforgettable. Guaranteed.

Great Presentations Start with Confidence in YOU!

Unforgettable. Guaranteed.

WeIgnite Women's Empowerment Conference

The Confidence Equation™ workshop excerpt
presented at WeIgnite Women’s Empowerment Virtual Conference 2021

“Thank you for giving us a place to be courageous and share with each other.”

WeIgnite Women's Conference

WeIgnite Women’s Empowerment Virtual Conference 2021
(Workshop Excerpt)

Thank you for giving us a place to be courageous and share with each other.

Workshop Attendee

The Confidence Equation™

A fusion of inspriation, empowerment and fun.

Rebecca’s signature presentation, The Confidence Equation™ is infused with a team of characters, songs, surprises, and a powerful message, audience members are given time to share in breakouts and in the main session to explore confidence-related concepts with a unique spin. The Confidence Equation™ is available as a workshop or keynote presentation.

Master Your Virtual Image Promo

Get a glimpse of what this COVID-inspired workshop can do to help your virtual image shine!

Master Your Virtual Image Promo

Get a glimpse of what this COVID-inspired workshop can do to help your virtual image shine!

About Rebecca P. Murray

Rebecca Murray is President of Showcase Your Shine, an image consulting, 5-star communications training, and multi-media production company. Rebecca works with leaders who want to leverage their influence in person, on stage or on screen. 

As a confidence connoisseur, she combines her speaking, facilitation, and production skills to help clients book more business, seize more opportunities and inspire more minds. Her biggest thrill comes from helping clients perfect and project an image that truly reflects how they see themselves and how they wish to be seen by others.