The Confidence Equation™

A one-woman show to make you laugh, cry, and send you home with a song in your heart.
The Confidence Equation

Sample the most sinister confidence saboteur of them all!

What can we learn about confidence from one of the most beloved musicals of all time? Is it possible to use fear and doubt as catalysts to help us achieve our wildest dreams?

The Confidence Equation™ provides the answer when it takes its audience on a unique journey that begins with Maria’s story in The Sound of Music and ends with a standing ovation to your own dreams come true. This wildly hilarious and emotional one-woman show has inspired people of all ages and backgrounds to take stock of their lives, their dreams, and their passions.

Meet five characters (plus Rebecca makes six) sure to inspire you to reflect on your own life, the path you’ve taken, and the one you’ve yet to take. Mrs. KIA, a British know-it-all, explains the equation. Brenda Sue has learned to stop apologizing for every little ‘thang.’ Shame is someone, we love to hate. Add in a brief visit from the Reverend Mother; and, of course, Maria. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud and singing along as the characters inspire you to take bold steps forward and stand firm in the center stage of your own life.

Session attendees learn to:

  • Utilize a formula to convert doubt into red carpet bold brilliance.
  • Discover how to make courage their ‘go-to’ habit.
  • Stop over-analyzing the past and what they think they did ‘wrong.’
  • Start trusting their authentic amazing selves.
  • Adopt a simple formula to summon confidence on demand.

Confidence Equation™ wallet card included.

Confidence Equation Characters

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