Edutaining Leadership Keynotes

When you need a keynoter to deliver the spectacular and make it easy on you.

Edutaining Leadership Keynotes

When you need a keynoter to deliver the spectacular and make it easy on you.

Keynotes that hit the high notes (literally)

High-content fused with star-power edutainment.

If it’s your job to bring a novel experience to your next conference, corporate function, or association event, you just found the gal who can make it happen. 

Get ready for an out-of-the-box, never-before-seen, one-of-a-kind experience. She’ll deliver a powerful message sprinkled with music and comedy crafted specifically for your audience. 

Rebecca partners with a diverse set of clients as keynoter, emcee, or playshop facilitator including Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance, Washington Chamber Executives, Women in Manufacturing, National Association of Women in Construction, and Boeing Employees’ Credit Union.

Sessions are customized to your event

Dog Training Tips for Effective Human Leaders
Leadership on the Spectrum

Mary Poppins Leadership
Explore Behaviors that Help Others Rise Up

Through its compelling backstory, the making of Walt Disney’s blockbuster film, and the groundbreaking 1964 movie itself, you’ll discover why Mary Poppins IS the practically perfect leadership metaphor. Participants delight in this highly-interactive gamified session.

  • Identify why behavior versus position is the accurate measure of leadership influence.
  • Explore how kind persistence, courage, and initiative drive powerful outcomes.
  • Experience why organization and clear structure form the foundation for creative productivity.

Optional Session Prep: Watch the 1964 movie Mary Poppins.
Receive: Mary Poppins’ 10 Practically Perfect Leadership Principles

Dog Training Tips for Effective Human Leaders
How to Stay Calm, Collected, and Respected

Humans and canines alike can sniff out and size up a good leader in seconds. This humor-filled session digs deep into behavior principles used by successful dog trainers and applies them to the workplace to inspire loyalty, creativity, risk-taking, and physiological safety.

Explore methods to:

  • Provide feedback that elicits trust and admiration.
  • Train using methods that inspire the desire to achieve.
  • Develop a calming presence that cultivates loyalty.
  • Learn the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. formula for shaping new behaviors.

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: Recognize. Encourage. Share. Privacy. Empathy. Calmly. Timely.

Leadership on the Spectrum
An Exploration of Transformational Leadership

The journey to become an effective leader can be explained by looking at a simple spectrum. At one end are highly relational personalities; at the other, highly transactional.

In the middle of the spectrum stands a unique, influential, and sought-after personality known as the Transformational Leader: One who addresses challenges with confidence and grace while harnessing strength from both sides. This session encourages reflection, dialogue, authenticity, and the opportunity to elevate and recognize others.


  • Explore strengths and challenges of mindset extremes.
  • Identify personal spectrum-related tendencies.
  • Consider prior success as a Transformational Leader.

“We hired Rebecca to present three sessions at our 2022 annual Washington Chamber of Commerce Leadership conference. Her connection with the audience was fantastic. Each session was thoroughly engaging and packed with valuable content.” 

Bob Green, CEO, Washington Chamber Executives