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For Associations, Retreats and Conferences

Unforgettable. Guaranteed.

Excerpt from Build Your Team at the Speed of Trust a team-building and leadership focused keynote.

Infused with games, prizes, humor, the experience fully engages the audience from start to finish. Rebecca also offers a workshop version that includes breakouts and a downloadable tip sheet and audience choreography!

The Confidence Equation™
Build your Team at the Speed of Trust

The Confidence Equation™

A simple formula to unlock and ignite your team’s creative genius

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Utilize a formula to convert doubt into red carpet bold brilliance
  • Discover how to make courage your ‘go-to’ habit
  • Stop over-analyzing the past and what you think you did ‘wrong’
  • Start trusting the authentic amazing you
  • Use humor to keep yourself in the confidence zone

Confidence Equation™ wallet card included

Build Your Team at the Speed of Trust!

Explore a winning formula to build team trust within an interactive gameshow!

Organizations that infuse 360 degrees of trust are more effective, creative and experience better retention. Basically, where trust thrives, satisfaction does too. What are the key ingredients that will elevate your team’s trust and motivation to make organizational dreams possible? How can trust be used to elevate a team’s productivity to run like a well oiled machine.  Audience members participate in a live game show to win prizes and drive home key components to build trust within teams. 

On Stage, On Screen or On Demand Programs

For Associations, Retreats and Conferences

Massively Creative! Super Engaging! Rebecca was unflappable!

The most fun I’ve had at a keynote in ages!

I was laughing so hard I had to turn my camera off until I could get myself together!

About Rebecca P. Murray

Rebecca Pierce Murray works with leaders who want their influence to shine in person, on screen, and on stage. As President of Showcase Your Shine, an image consulting and video production company, Rebecca uses her confidence and team-building strategies to produce media products ranging from compelling photos and videos, to mini-documentaries, and live-streamed events.

As a confidence connoisseur she combines her speaking, facilitation, and production skills to help clients book more business, seize more opportunities and inspire more minds. Her biggest thrill comes from helping clients perfect and project an image that truly reflects how they see themselves and how they wish to be seen by others.