One-of-a-Kind Keynotes that Inform, Inspire, and Entertain


One-of-a-Kind Keynotes that Inform, Inspire, and Entertain

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What's in Your Dream Closet?

The Confidence Equation™
A formula to ignite your creative genius

Is it possible to use fear and doubt as catalysts to achieve your wildest dreams?

The Confidence Equation™ provides the answer as it takes audiences on a unique journey that begins with Maria’s story in The Sound of Music and ends with a standing ovation to your own dreams come true. This wildly hilarious and emotional one-woman show inspires people of all ages and backgrounds to take stock of their lives, dreams, and passions.

Meet five characters (plus Rebecca makes six), inspiring you to reflect on your life, your path, and the one you’ve yet to take. Mrs. KIA, a British know-it-all, explains the equation. Brenda Sue is learning to stop apologizing for ‘every little thing.’ Shame is so vile and yet so funny! Add in a brief visit from the Reverend Mother and Maria herself.

Laugh out loud and sing along as the characters inspire you to take bold steps forward and take center stage in your life.

Experience Takeaways:

  • Utilize a formula to convert doubt into courage instantly.
  • Stop over-analyzing self-perceived failures in the past.
  • Learn how to step from comfort to confidence zone.
  • Harness the power of the brain’s negative default setting.
  • Adopt a C.O.D. mindset to summon Confidence On Demand.

Confidence Equation™ wallet card included.

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Getting it Off My Chest
Heal yourself and others through your story

You get the news. It’s 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon. 

“Malignant Carcinoma.” 

It’s a mistake. You know it. Obviously, they’ve mixed up your results with someone else.

Denial. The first stage of grief.

There’s no mistake. You’ve got cancer.

From the diagnosis in 2021, Rebecca P. Murray openly shared what she felt, learned, and experienced through weekly videos called “The Breast Cancer Chronicles.”

The feedback received was overwhelming. Women openly shared their stories for the first time. Others had mammograms after years of delay. Men, too, shared stories of wives, mothers, and sisters who had breast cancer and how it affected them. 

Through candor, humor, and raw emotion, Rebecca’s vulnerability created a community with a virtual audience. 

In the end, Rebecca dealt with cancer by literally and figuratively ‘getting it off her chest’ in the form of video chronicles and a double mastectomy.

In addition to learning about breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, attendees 

  • Claim ‘choice’ as a shield of strength and power.
  • See purpose in your journey for the greater good. 
  • Capture lightning in a bottle through story documentation.
  • Learn why sharing your story matters and how to start.
  • Uncover humor in the pain and your message in the lesson.

Note: Pair The Breast Cancer Chronicles with Build a Better Culture Through Story for maximum impact

Preview Breast Cancer Chronicle #1

What’s in Your Dream Closet?
Step inside to realize your heart’s desires

Inspired by an unwelcome diagnosis on the heels of achieving a 20-year dream, What’s in Your Dream Closet? invites you to take inventory of your dreams. Then determine which still fit, which do not, and whether it’s time to go Dream Shopping. 

Audience participation, music, and a visit from a villainous character combine into a powerful and unforgettable experience. 

What’s in Your Dream Closet? fuses content and concepts from Rebecca’s most popular shows, gift-wrapped in a medley of music, comedy & inspiration.

A 5 x 8 Dream Closet Conversion Card serves as a session momento. 

Attendees are inspired to:

  • Reflect upon, share, and celebrate recent achievements.
  • Discard old dreams that no longer serve to inspire.
  • Discover new dreams and reclaim those lying dormant.
  • Come to terms with thoughts that derail most dreams.
  • Create a 5-step dream-to-reality conversion plan.

Rebecca’s content was original, hilarious, and engaging. She took the time to understand our organization and mission and tailored her segment much to the delight of everyone who attended.

Nikki Malcolm, CEOPacific Northwest Aerospace

Motivating and Memorable

If it’s your job to bring a novel experience to your next conference, corporate function, or association event, you just found the gal who delivers. 

Rebecca partners with a diverse set of clients including Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance, Washington Chamber Executives, Women in Manufacturing, National Association of Women in Construction, and Boeing Employees’ Credit Union.