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This clip is taken from an early version of Rebecca’s most requested keynote presentation, “The Confidence Equation: (also available in workshop format). The keynote explores confidence, courage, encouragement and empowerment in a unique and highly entertaining manner. Audiences love the opportunity to interact with Rebecca and with each other.

This clip is taken from Rebecca’s highly interactive team-building and leadership focused keynote called “Drive Your Team at the Speed of Trust.” Infused with games, prizes, humor, song as well as an audience experience fondly compared with synchronized swimming, this presentation engages the audience from start to finish. Rebecca also offers a workshop version with includes breakouts and workbooks. 

The Confidence Equation
Drive Your Team at the Speed of Trust
Give Yourself a Break—Hire Your Alter Ego!

“The Confidence Equation”
The Key to Leading a VICTORIOUS Life

Whether you’re on a stage or presenting from your office, projecting with the right amount of confidence puts your audience at ease.  Knowing this, how do we project with confidence when we feel fear and doubt? How do we unstick ourselves from insecurities that have plagued us since childhood? Once we learn the keys to confidence, we can shake off doubt and step forward to a new reality.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Identify mental blocks that keep you stuck in self-doubt
  • Learn how to make confidence your ‘go-to’ habit
  • Utilize self-talk and alter egos to draw-in courage on the fly
  • Stop over-analyzing the past and what you think you did ‘wrong’
  • Stop mind-reading your audience and trusting the authentic amazing you
  • Use humor to keep yourself in the confidence zone

Audience Workbook Included

To propel creativity, productivity, and efficiency

Steven Covey Junior says “Trust is the one thing and changes everything.” And it’s true. Without trust in our leaders, trust in others, and trust in ourselves, we are at a dead stop. What does it take to keep your team driving at the speed of trust? How can you turn up your trust speedometer? In this fast-paced, highly engaging, humor-laden keynote, Rebecca drives home ways to build trust in our teams, our organizations as well as trust in ourselves.

Hire Your Alter Ego!

The concept of Alter Egos is not new. Many highly successful people have relied on their ‘other self’ to help them achieve unthinkable feats. If harnessed correctly an Alter Ego can become your best friend, confidant, and hero in times of need. An Alter Ego can become your superpower to help you fly above the storm and become the eye in the center of a hurricane. And the best part? Life with an Alter Ego at your side is simply more fun.

In this session you will learn how to:

Identify and make friends with your Alter Ego (s)
Let your Alter Ego do your heavy lifting
Leverage your Alter Ego to accelerate your personal and professional relationships
Engage your Other Self to help you overcome fear and procrastination
Keep your Alter Ego on standby to empower yourself on demand

Massively Creative! Super Engaging! Rebecca was unflappable!

The most fun I’ve had at a keynote in ages!

I was laughing so hard I had to turn my camera off until I could get myself together!


  • Before the event, Rebecca took the time to learn about our Association, event, our guests and our nominees, so that she could write a speech that would be inclusive and inspiring. She interacted with the crowd, had them on their feet laughing and kept them engaged throughout. We highly recommend Rebecca as a fabulous addition to any event.

    Lianna Neyens
    Marketing/Events Coordinator, SICBA
  • Rebecca is a born educator in a thoughtful, occasionally whimsical and always humorous. She offered clear skills anyone could implement in their work or private lives and very importantly, she was funny. Rebecca got an A+ from the Chamber. We plan to have her back again soon!

    Peter Browning
    CEO Burlington Chamber
  • Rebecca Murray was a dynamic choice in 2019 to emcee our annual Woman of The Year Award Banquet. This 35th annual event was elegantly produced by Skagit Women’s Alliance Network (SWAN).

    Rebecca Murray brilliantly and creatively presided over the banquet with humor and grace for several hours entertaining several hundred community leaders gathered to celebrate and recognize their mentors in leadership. As SWAN President, I highly recommend Rebecca Murray and give her many talents as an emcee the highest praise.

    Jenifer Howson
    Skagit County District Court Commissioner
  • Rebecca did a wonderful job as emcee of our inaugural WE Ignite Women’s Conference; she coordinated speakers, ensured they had what they needed as well as what she anticipated they may need. Her enthusiasm, desire to bring women together, and joy in life came together in a wonderful package of positivity and FUN! Rebecca is meticulous in her planning, she is well organized and professional, her speaking skills are excellent, and her ability to interact with others on many levels was so appreciated.

    Erin Long
    We Ignite Women's Conference, Founder
  • I met with Rebecca to work on a contest speech. She brought it from average to first place on the stage in less than an hour. Her energy is infectious. You can’t help but bring out the best of your creative abilities with her. She listens attentively and provides insightful feedback. I never thought practicing a speech could be so fun! There is not one amateur bone in her body and there is no way I step on the stage for another contest without first consulting with Rebecca!

    David Gordon
    First Place Contest Speaker
  • Rebecca helped me find my voice again after a long break in my public speaking. I was able to recraft and re-power my message to make a broader impact for change.

    David Wilder
    Human Rights Activist, Speaker
  • Rebecca Murray coordinated and executed my retirement gala at McIntyre Hall with 350 attendees, numerous speakers, and other surprising elements. It was FANTASTIC! The whole event was like a television show with lots of humor and many touching moments. The audience loved it and so did I. Her “behind the scenes” work was exceptional. If you need event coordination and stage management services, she’s really tops!

    Robert Martin
    Founder Chinook Enterprises, Retired
  • I find Rebecca to be fabulously talented with remarkable directing and editing skills. Her super-power is her ability to be clear and concise, while also putting people at ease when they are in front of her camera.

    Blake Perry, DDS
    Perry Family Dentistry
  • Yours was one of the most engaging and exciting presentations I’ve attended this year! Even my brother, who was across the room fixing a computer came over to watch!

    Azusa Cheng, Marketing Consultant
    British Columbia

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