Become a Video Virtuoso!

Leverage your image and message through the power of repeatable, sensational video. Learn tech and technique to connect and thrive in a video-centric world.

Become a Video Virtuoso!

Leverage your image and message through the power of repeatable, sensational video. Learn tech and technique to connect and thrive in a video-centric world.

Become a Video Virtuoso

A 5-Module Video Production Course to Boost Your Business

Video Virtuosos understand the art and craft of creating compelling video, using it in the marketplace, and exploring the many applications to support sales, marketing, customer service, and in-house training. This course emphasizes production strategies, techniques, and technical know-how to be applied in virtual meetings and to support the production of video products.

This course is for you when you desire to:

  • Feel confident when speaking to the camera during meetings and recordings.
  • Learn how to produce video to support sales, service, and brand awareness.
  • Dial-in your virtual studio to produce compelling video on a predictable schedule.

Use these skills to:

  • Repurpose video in a variety of ways to leverage return on investment.
  • Employ an efficient production and delivery strategy to streamline workflow.
  • Apply methods to optimize viewing and engagement on any platform or channel.

In addition to offering in-person and online courses, Rebecca partners with a diverse set of clients to deliver video training, including, Skagit and Snohomish County Economic Alliances, various Washington State agencies, Central Washington University, ValPak, and Rotary International. 

Value-Driven Training with Immediate Results

Targeted one-hour sessions boosting video skills

Master Your Virtual Image
Virtual studio setup and training for red carpet communicators

How can you take your image from good to great in our virtual world? What can you do to help your inner star shine online? Master Your Virtual Image teaches you how to project a virtual image that flatters you, your brand, and your organization. This information increases your confidence, credibility, and connection in every virtual scenario, whether you’re conducting, attending, or participating in online events.

Takeaways include how to:

  • Perform a 360-degree light survey and make image-flattering adjustments.
  • Apply 7 pro tips that guarantee you shine online every time.
  • Adjust your virtual office to match your presentation style.
  • Explore microphone choices to support your voice and presentation style.
  • Feel confident you look and sound your best in every virtual situation.

Video for Sales & Service
Tech, technique, and tactics for superstar video makers

Here’s your chance to get all your questions answered, build sought-after skills, and receive a supportive push toward your video goals.

Learn the art and craft of creating compelling videos and using them in the marketplace while exploring many opportunities to support sales, marketing, service, and in-house training.

Walk away with tools and techniques to produce sensational, repeatable videos, including how to:

  • Apply professional lighting, audio, framing, camera tips & techniques.
  • Build a virtual studio that allows you to record regularly with ease.
  • Evaluate 20 ways to leverage video assets to drive business goals.
  • Develop messaging & production strategy to support sales & service.
  • Adopt a simple method to produce short videos and accelerate customer connection.

Engage From Any Stage
Engagement principles for stage & screen success

What does it take to become an engaging presenter? How can you ensure your audience is leaning in when you’re talking to the camera? Can you know your audience is connected even when they look at their phones instead of you?

Engage From Any Stage explores these topics and more in this high-energy session. Rebecca demonstrates strategies and techniques as you learn and apply tried and true tactics.

Skill-building includes:

  • Crafting an engagement plan for your next presentation.
  • Infusing creativity to keep your audience leaning in to learn more.
  • Delivering an audio/visual experience your virtual audience will remember.
  • Mastering five ‘tech-niques’ guaranteed to turn up your audience’s fun factor.
  • Increasing the dynamic range of your presentations from start to finish.

Maximize Your Red Carpet Potential

7-Step Master Your Virtual Image SHINE Sheet

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Download Seven Essential Tips to Shine Online

Hollywood tips to dial in your lighting, camera, audio and more.

According to experts, when meeting someone for the first time, you have only seven seconds to make an impression that either flatters or fails you. Use these Hollywood film set tips, customized for virtual meetings, to ensure you shine online like the star you are and maximize your red carpet potential!

Rebecca P. Murray 2 Session starter package

Personalized Training




It’s absolutely true that creating sensational videos helps you monetize your intellectual property, leverage your message, and achieve your business goals.

And yet, getting started is often where people get stuck.

First, you need a place to create. A space where you can walk in, turn on the lights, stand in front of the camera, and press ‘record’ to quickly capture your message.

Second, you need a content creation strategy and a message-crafting system.

Third, it’s essential that you decide where to host and how to share your videos so that you can serve them to your ideal audience on a regular schedule.

Want to learn how to leverage your image and message through the power of business video? Rebecca offers one-on-one consulting, small group workshops, as well as a three-part on-demand course.

Sample a Course

Part one of three to uplevel your video production