Employee Training to Boost Your Bottom Line

Six In-Person Sessions to Improve Employee Communication, Clarity, and Confidence.

Are you ready to witness a transformation in your employees' ability to:

  • Communicate more clearly and effectively?
  • Step into leadership opportunities?
  • Receive more 5-star customer raves?

Present Like a Pro: Speak with Confidence offers 6 in-person sessions starting May 17 th at Skagit Valley College. Classes are held Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 7:45 pm in Angst Hall room A-125.

It’s been said that 85% of a person’s financial success is due to their ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. And since your company is run by people, it makes sense that your company’s financial success is dependent on those same abilities

Present Like a Pro: Speak with Confidence transforms participants’ abilities to leverage communication on behalf of themselves, their employer, and their community

Course Curriculum

Week #1
Week #2
Week #3
Week #4
Week #5
Week #6
Office Hours

The Art of Self Introductions
What’s in a Name?
Introducing Others.
Listening Skills.
Voicemail & Phone Etiquette.


Vocal Dynamics & Range.
Stage Presence.
Speaking with Emphasis.

5 Human Senses + Emotions.
Descriptive Language + Word Pictures.
Story Preparation + Presentation.

Body Language + Facial Expressions.
Filler words.
Audience Engagement Principles.
5-Step Story Crafting.

Speech Crafting + Topic Selection.
Opening and Closing.
Mining Your Message.
Writing + Storytelling Exercise.

Graduation Night!
Story Presentations.
Listening, Appreciation + Feedback.
Celebration + Reflection.
What’s Next for YOU?

Office hours sessions are provided between weeks 5 and  6 for participants to practice and receive professional feedback. These sessions include coaching by Rebecca and the use of innovative (and super fun) artificial intelligence software to track facial expressions, eye contact, filler words, and non-inclusive language.

Rebecca worked with a broad segment of our staff, many with no public speaking experience, on a journey in confidence building, teamwork, team bonding, and personal growth. We also had a barrel full of fun, and came away with a much deeper sense of connection with and understanding of our co-workers.

Bill HinkleExecutive Director, Community Action of Skagit County

Investing in staff personal and professional development results in longevity of employment, loyalty, and better functioning team. Employees who participate in Present Like a Pro receive tremendous value!

Tina TateExecutive Director, Habitat for Humanity

Course Participant Raves:

  • Both professionally and personally I feel fueled. I came to this class wanting to grow professionally but I learned so much more.

    Hayley Brown
    Habitat for Humanity
  • When I feel nervous, I now translate the feeling into excitement! I’m now more confident and prepared while presenting.

    Dulce Vazquez-Cruz
    Community Action of Skagit County
  • In my position as Director showing confidence is very important in leading teams of leaders. Rebecca’s class boosted me to the next level of confidence.
    Linda Vorthman
    District 2 Toastmasters
  • The class is small and focuses on each student and their individuality. It has helped me feel more confident in speaking up in groups. 
    Stephanie Semro
    Community Action of Skagit County
  • Not only do I have more confidence crafting and sharing a story but what I learned from other students helped me too. 

    Sarah Drake
    Kern Funeral Home
  • Rebecca has a method that is very easy to follow and understand. I highly recommend her program!

    Jeston Porter
    Lead Trainer at Enoch Precision Machining
  • Rebecca sees the power in helping others find their voice, their confidence, and the vast positive improvements it has on their lives.

    Angela Thurman
    CEO Thurman Co.
  • If you need an expert coach to help you deliver an entertaining speech both virtually or in-person, Rebecca is your go-to person. 

    Sayee Vaitheesvaran
    CIO Washington State Gambling Commission
  • I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking to gain more confidence when presenting. 

    Meaghan Ziemba
    Mavens of Manufacturing
  • I highly recommend using Rebecca to help your presentation go from average to INCREDIBLE!

    Nikki Wegner
    CEO Chinook Enterprises

About Rebecca P. Murray

Northwest Edutainer Rebecca P. Murray delivers high-energy virtual and live training to those ready to become confident, creative, and compelling leaders and team players. She infuses irreverent humor, inspiring stories, and entertaining musical theater excerpts into content-rich, high-stick events. Audience members eagerly engage in her one-of-a-kind interactive experiences, including playshops, keynotes, courses, adult continuing education at Western Washington University, and Skagit Valley College.

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