Breast Cancer Chronicle #1: Diagnosis.

Below is the first video I shared following my breast cancer diagnosis in October 2021.

The bad news came only days after my 30th wedding anniversary. “Happy anniversary…you’ve got cancer!”

I was in shock, of course. But quickly bounced out of it to gather information.

Over the next six weeks, I met with four different doctors, had scores of appointments and tests, and went through tremendous ups and downs as I searched for a decision that made sense.

I shared a video about what I’d learned with an appreciative online audience each week.  I felt less alone and became dedicated to the process.

A good friend, Sheryl Roush, suggested calling the series “The Breast Cancer Chronicles,” and the brilliant name stuck.

I was overwhelmed by how many shared their personal stories of their own cancer journies or those of a mother, wife, or sister.  Others reported they had a mammogram after years of putting it off.  A community was born.

At the end of the 9-month ordeal, I was in a state of pure gratitude.

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