Give Your Team Spirit a Boost

Talent Development Through Team Cohesion and Fun!

“Rebecca took our team on a journey that integrated our core values in a meaningful way.”

Ron McHenry, CEOBoys and Girls Club of Skagit County


Give Your Team Spirit a Boost

Talent Development Through Team Cohesion and Fun!

“Rebecca took our team on a journey that integrated our core values in a meaningful way.”

Ron McHenry, CEOBoys and Girls Club of Skagit County

All-Staff Interactive Sessions

Build a Better Culture Through Story
Getting to Know You Game Show
Improv for Business Brilliance

Build a Better Culture Through Story
Craft & share stories that connect & inspire

Great stories are the foundation of personal connections and effective business presentations. Participants learn a simple, powerful method for crafting compelling stories, then write and share their stories, inspiring themselves and others.

Through storytelling, participants realize the potential for positive cultural shifts within their organizations. They also receive resources to conduct similar sessions with their teams, fostering understanding, transparency, and connection.


  • Uncover powerful stories to bolster connection.
  • Utilize a simple, repeatable 5-step story method.
  • Craft and share an impactful, inspiring story.
  • Listen to and appreciate others’ stories.
  • Engage in a fun group story-crafting exercise.

*NOTE: A Train-the-Trainer version of this program offers best practices for creating a safe space for story sharing and a workbook of inclusive exercises for meetings and events.

Getting to Know You Game Show
Inclusion, awareness & collaboration wrapped in fun

Step into the spotlight with the ultimate team-building experience that promises to energize your staff retreat like never before!


  • Discover Unique Facts: Participants dive into intriguing Q&A rounds, uncovering surprising details about their colleagues.
  • Strengthen Teamwork: Work together to solve the playful mysteries of ‘2 Truths and a Twist,’ honing your listening and collaborative skills.
  • Unforgettable Moments: Experience a whirlwind of laughter, connection, and camaraderie that will leave a lasting impression.

Why Choose This Workshop?

  • Perfect as an all-staff retreat opener or closer, ensuring a memorable and impactful session.
  • Foster deeper connections and a sense of unity through shared fun and friendly competition.
  • Elevate team spirit and awareness, finding common ground and appreciating diverse perspectives.

Get Ready for a Wildly Fun Experience! This popular workshop is designed to bring out the best in your team, with guaranteed outcomes of laughter, deeper connections, and an invigorated team spirit. And the best part? One of your very own staff members gets to shine as the game show host, coached to perfection!

Unite, Compete, and Achieve Together in the hilarious and heartwarming Getting to Know You Game Show!

Improv for Business Brilliance
Boost creative self-expression, and team connection

In today’s high-speed business world, quick thinking, effective communication, and strong connections are essential. But who said mastering these skills has to be boring? Welcome to Improv for Business Brilliance with Rebecca P. Murray, where your team will have a blast while skyrocketing their communication confidence!

Each workshop is tailored to your specific goals, whether it’s negotiation, active listening, impromptu speaking, collaboration, pitching, or more. Desired outcomes are matched with bespoke improv exercises, ensuring a unique and unforgettable experience for your team.

Choose from a catalogue of unique exercises such as: Cooks in the Kitchen Competition, Made Up Story Time, 5-B’s to Better Improv, The Accidental Celebrity, One Day at the Beach, The Acceptance Speech, Shark Bank Pitch Fest and more.

Rebecca’s content was original, hilarious, and engaging. She understood our organization and mission and tailored her segment much to the delight of everyone who attended.

Nikki Malcolm, CEOPacific Northwest Aerospace

I participated in a gameshow she hosted to cap off an annual retreat that also doubled as a retirement celebration. The creativity, hilarity, and inspiration were unforgettable. 

Tom Doughty, Board ChairChinook Enterprises

Rebecca worked with a broad segment of our staff, many with no public speaking experience, on a journey in confidence building, teamwork, team bonding, and personal growth. We also had a barrel full of fun, and came away with a much deeper sense of connection with and understanding of our co-workers.

Bill Hinkle, Executive DirectorCommunity Action of Skagit County