Praise for The Confidence Equation™

Customized Virtual Keynote Experience

Rebecca Murray spoke at the 8th Annual Women in Aerospace Conference and knocked it out of the skies! Her presentation on ‘The Confidence Equation’ brought laughter, engagement, and insight into a common problem that women face in this industry and in their personal lives. 

Rebecca is professional, respectful, organized, eloquent, and entertaining, leaving her audience wanting more. I can’t wait to work with Rebecca again and showcase her talents to many others.

Lisa Childs, Director of Operations
Pacific Northwest Aerospace

Rebecca spoke at an aerospace industry event that I helped emcee, and she was phenomenal. Her content was original, hilarious, and engaging. It kept everyone smiling and tuned in. I felt like she really took the time to understand our organization and mission and tailored her segment much to the delight of everyone who attended. I would definitely recommend her for your event.

Nikki Malcom, CEO
Pacific Northwest Aerospace

I attended an event and got to witness Rebecca’s unique and entertaining presentation. It was extremely engaging and such an innovative way to share a message. Truly memorable!

Arhonda Reyes, SHRM SCP, PMP
SEKISUI Aerospace

I had the opportunity to see Rebecca in action for the first time at the Women in Aerospace conference put on by PNAA. Her presence and confidence were magnificent. She was incredibly engaging insightful, brought humor into her presentation in very fun ways, and any opportunity for learning the skills she deliberately employs is worth taking.

Justin Sherman
Equity Machine Works

Rebecca was a featured speaker for the 2021 Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) conference on May 21, 2021. This was my first time hearing Rebecca, and I was absolutely amazed at her message and talent in presenting it. Her “edutainment” style is refreshing, engaging and unique! She captivated the audience and we will all remember her message for years to come!

Angela Thurman, PMP
Thurman, CO.

I was blessed with the opportunity to listen to Rebecca speak at the PNAA Women in Aerospace conference this year (2021) and she is genuinely gifted with an ability to speak to heavy matters in a way that is gentle, fun, and effective! As a current college student in the field of engineering, Imposter Syndrome is a very familiar internal battle and Rebecca was able to put a spin on my perception of confidence that left me feeling hopeful for my future success: rather than being some trait that I was simply born without, confidence is a skill to learn and develop. I will be adding her Confidence Equation to my school notes! Thank you for the laughs, the musical references, and the lesson, Rebecca.

Caiti Downs
Future Engineer

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Rebecca Murrays’ keynote performance. She delivers on her promise. Rebecca is an incredibly talented entertainer and will keep your team engaged from the moment she steps on stage. She is so engaging that they won’t even realize how much they are learning while watching. She delivers rich content and high impact.

Jayne Latz
New York, NY

Live Theater One-Woman Show

It was exciting to see the presentation in person and slightly expanded upon from when you did it at Women in Aerospace in May and to meet ‘Shame’, that blue-haired devil. 🙂 Doubt needs to get kicked in the butt with courage so I can gain knowledge and experience. I see myself swimming in the knowledge & experience pool while I build up my confidence. The equation makes SO much more sense to me when I apply it to what is happening in my life now.

Lisa Childs, Director of Operations
Pacific Northwest Aerospace

While she entertained the audience with her various, diverse, and entertaining characters, we were transported to a place of possibility to make anything happen in our lives and work if only we make the decision to tame the voices in our head around fear, doubt, shame and what if. It was a fabulous journey she guided the audience to experience, punctuated by the joy we could sense that performing is like breathing to this creative, original artist.

Nancy Juetten
Best Selling Author, Speaker

I was privileged to be in the audience for the Possibility Playhouse in Concrete, WA, and witness Rebecca Murray superbly perform several different characters. Rebecca’s ability to reach the audience in each of her characters was simply delightful. Rebecca gave each character an exciting life of their own. She was brilliant in each portrayal.

My overall favorite character was Mrs. KIA with her brilliant Confident Equation. C=K+E >/ MC(squared).
Mrs. KIA’s message hit home as I had recently gone through an experience whereby I needed to use Courage to make a decision. I have used this formula in the past; however, now it is formalized, and I will share it in all of my interactions. I can’t wait to see Rebecca again in this performance and future performances that have yet to come to life!

Howard Cohen
Rotary District 5030
District Governor 2021-2022

I cried and laughed and said, “Ain’t that the truth”!!!! It was wonderful. I loved all the characters and the equation and the singing and the tie-in with The Sound of Music and Maria’s character.

I can’t say enough fine things about it. You wrote that and are so wise…I think teacher groups would really love that show or seniors going out the door of school. Or anyone really! creative! You need to take that show on the road girl!

Linda Vorthman,
District 2 Director
Toastmasters International

Rebecca is Brilliant! Entertaining! Gifted! A dynamic female entertainer version of Jim Cary or Robin Williams!

Marcia Kester

From start to finish, she crafted the entire presentation in a way that flowed seamlessly, kept the audience engaged, and concluded with a collective cheer. Her personal performance was a masterpiece: She established rapport with the audience and demonstrated an uncanny insight into the barriers that hold us back. She fearlessly put herself out there, sharing her own story, and with perfect comedic timing, the stories of her other “selves.” It was hilarious and awe-inspiring!

Valerie Stafford, CEO
Concrete Theatre

Rebecca’s use of multiple characters was hilarious and engaging. She kept us guessing! Her high-energy, heart-felt message made it a night to remember.

Wesley Holboy
Holboy Entertainment

I wanted to take a minute and write a review of the show in which I took my youngest two to watch. I found this program to be both educational and outstanding. My youngest was participatory in the program. I fully recommend everybody who has a young person living in their household to go see this program so that they can understand how to overcome and move forward through life. This program should also be offered to the high school and middle school arena for the young people to learn I would also like to say great job Rebecca! I would come to any of your programs in the future and look forward to your next production.

Peter Uzonov
Industrial Manager

The world is hurting, full of untapped talent and languishing people! It needs individuals like Rebecca P. Murray — people who are courageous enough to step up and live out their passion. I recently attended Rebecca’s in-person debut presentation about Personal Confidence. Although funny and entertaining, Rebecca also managed to pack a wallop! I walked away not only inspired but also with a life-changing confidence — resulting in a forward move toward what once seemed an unrealistic, personal pipe dream, and which now seems a possible, realistic vision.

Sara Elizabeth Joy
Anacortes, WA

The whole presentation is brilliant. The humor is intentional and clever. I enjoy the workshop and find myself relate to many aspects of the theme: Confidence. Rebecca has an amazing singing voice and I love how she empowers women with the Confidence Equation. Overall, I learn to recognize my confidence “saboteurs,” minimize shame and doubt, harness creative energy from doubt by befriending it, then take a step forward with courage, and make my dream come true.

Athena Thao-Dang
Mukilteo, WA

Thank you Rebecca for your inspiring work. What a delightful time. I love when important messages, in this case confidence, are shared with fun and such creativity. You are a marvelous performer. We all came away with a bounce in our step and inspiration in our hearts. More! More!

Gretchen Hewitt

Virtual Workshop Experience

Out of 48 speakers at our 3-Day conference, Rebecca’s Confidence Equation session reviews ranked at the top of the list! We’re excited to have her back next year.

Erin Long, Founder
WeIgnite Women’s Conference

Watching Rebecca is a bit like watching a Saturday Night Live performance infused with a TED Talk. she has the amazing ability to capture and enrapture an audience with her personality, creativity, and the cast of characters she brings to life with her voice and mannerisms.

Lee Amatangelo
Bellevue, WA

When I saw Rebecca’s “Confidence Equation: Ignite your Creative Genius” presentation as part of the WeIgnite Women’s Empowerment Summit, I was blown away. As a presentation coach, I see a lot of lackluster presentations, but hers stood out from all the other ones. It was powerful, engaging, and riveting! You just needed to tell someone about her confidence, storytelling, and amazing characters. Add her to your roster of speakers if you want your event to be rave-worthy!

Suzy Dickstein
Victoria, BC

You are such a skilled presenter. You demonstrated this with your absolutely marvelous delivery, where you so expertly used gestures, characters, props, your transitions were impressive as was your message. I loved how you performed in the different roles. Simply put – AMAZING!

Rozy Rana
Kenya, Africa