I Have Nothing Original To Say

I have nothing original to say

I’ve met many people who have a desire to be ‘a speaker’ but never move forward.

Often, it’s believing that they have nothing original to say. “Everything I want to say has already been said.”

This thinking kills dreams and innovation. It crushes confidence and creativity. It has stopped many people from speaking their truth.

Get this: According to scientists, there is no difference between the ‘modern Homosapien brain’ of 300,000 years ago and the brain inside your head. If that’s true, ideas, beliefs, and philosophies have been thought, written about, presented, and discussed, not much different from those circulating through your brain and mine. Most things you say have likely been said before.

Most of your thoughts have probably been thought of before by someone else. So what?

Just think if Steve Jobs had said, “Someone’s already invented the computer. What’s the point of building another?”

(Oh please, no! I can’t even think of a world without my beloved Apple products. Pure agony!)

It’s like you saying, “Thousands of people have already talked about (fill in the blank), so what’s the point of sharing my view?”

The point is: You do NOT need an original idea to be worthy of standing on a stage and sharing it. Believe that your idea is worth hearing because YOU alone have a different context with which to share it. You have a different life story. And you have a unique way of delivering your story and a unique voice!

I’ve long said there are no original ideas—just original people and packaging. (I’m certain I’m not the first to say that!)

Know this: What makes your idea unique and worth sharing is you.

Next time that inner voice tells you, “Not original! Been done before!” stand your ground and reply, ‘That may be true, but not the way I do it!’

About the author

Rebecca's passion comes from helping others craft and deliver their very best authentic, powerful message. She is known for making learning fun and helping her clients achieve their goals in speaking and communicating. As a speaker herself, she is known for 'bringing it all' to her audience through humor, song, and sometimes a little dance. The stage is her playground. She'll go to almost any length to make learning fun and memorable.

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