Rebecca P. Murray The Confidence Equation

Is there a mathematical equation for confidence?

Math explains so much of our world. Things we can’t see or comprehend. We accept that a light turns on when we flip a switch. Get in an airplane, and it will fly. We also see math in nature: pinecones, seashells, even hurricanes.

So why not an equation to explain how confidence works?

Years ago, I noticed this pattern: A fresh idea would fly into my brain.

For a while, I’d be excited thinking about how to make the idea come to life.

But, if I bogged myself down thinking about too many details before taking action, the same thing would happen:

Feelings of doubt.

  • “This idea is not a good use of time.”
  • “Someone’s probably already thought of this.”
  • “It will be too hard.”
  • “It won’t work out.”
  • “Better forget it.”

This well-known thought pattern short-circuits dreams, desires, and innovation every minute of the day.

The antidote is what I call The Confidence Equation™.

The short video I recorded in September of 2022 below explains The Equation in more detail.

Watch it and see if you agree!


If you have confidence, you are halfway to making your dreams come true. Use The Equation to light up and lift off.

The Confidence Equation™ one-woman-show will inspire you to take bold leaps forward, take center stage in your life, and claim the POWER of YOU. Flavored with songs from The Sound of Music.

Learn more about The Confidence Equation™. 


About the author

Rebecca's passion comes from helping others craft and deliver their very best authentic, powerful message. She is known for making learning fun and helping her clients achieve their goals in speaking and communicating. As a speaker herself, she is known for 'bringing it all' to her audience through humor, song, and sometimes a little dance. The stage is her playground. She'll go to almost any length to make learning fun and memorable.

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