How to Improve Your Virtual Image

How do You Improve Your Virtual Image?

Having a stellar virtual image is no longer optional. Professionals in all industries and niches must view their digital presence as a cornerstone asset in their life.

These days, the way people perceive you or your company image often plays a significant role in whether they choose to buy from you or work with you. Presenting a polished finished product can be the difference between signing a new client or leaving the outcome to chance.

Connect In A Way Like Never Before

When someone sees your image, this is your chance to make a quick and lasting connection. The best way to do that is to follow these helpful tips.

Choose A Simple Backdrop – Don’t cause a distraction by using a busy background or backdrop in your professional pictures. The focus should remain on you, not an elaborate environment that detracts from your face. My background is still a work in progress. It’s taken months of trying various options, getting feedback, trying again, more feedback, and so on. After nearly months, I’m finally where I want to be. But that’s the big takeaway here…get feedback!

Lighting And Framing Matter – Always use flattering lighting and framing. Anyone who sees your professional images or videos notice poor lighting and framing. Poor lighting and framing can degrade even the most helpful video content! A shoddy presentation can’t work for professionals who want to build their credibility and gain followers.

Studio Set upLook Approachable – While you might not be as well known as professional broadcasters, you can become a powerhouse in your own right by merely being approachable. Always be mindful of your wardrobe pieces, and take the time needed to prepare for your session to present yourself in the best possible light.

Know Your Speech Or Script – There’s nothing more intimidating than being on stage (or filming) and having to “wing it” because you didn’t have – or didn’t know – what to say. Even if you don’t remember everything exactly word for word, an outline or notes help keep your presentation on track. Also, if you are reading your script, most viewers will be able to tell. You’re not fooling anyone just because you’re alone with your webcam. For me, when I see someone reading their presentation, it’s a huge disconnect.

Use Specialized Equipment – It’s always advisable to use professional equipment to produce a high-quality finished product. Some trade tools might include microphones, cameras, photo, audio, or video editing software, a tripod, a digital audio recorder, and light reflectors. Don’t forget; a powerful computer is always helpful for efficiently processing all of your production work.

Practice Makes Perfect – It is always worth keeping in mind that talented people in all walks of life are just regular individuals who practice what they do more than others. If you want to improve your presentation skills or your overall virtual image, the more you work, the better you’re likely to become. Many professional broadcasters invest in a four-year education before entering the industry.

Online Audiences Present Unlimited Opportunities

In the COVID-19 era, the way people connect with others has changed quite significantly. Remote work and online conferencing helped close some of the barriers put in place by social distancing requirements.

Zoom and other video conferencing platforms restored connectivity for churches, schools, and employees disrupted by shutdowns and restrictions.

If you’re interested in improving your in-person and presentation skills and knowledge, so you can connect and thrive in a video-centric world, contact me!

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Northwest Edutainer Rebecca P. Murray delivers high-energy virtual and live programs to those ready to become confident, creative, and compelling leaders and team players. Through her work as a communication trainer, entertaining emcee, and character comedian, she makes room for others to share the stage and showcase their shine to the world. The stage is Rebecca's playground. She'll go to almost any length to make learning fun and memorable.

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